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Curtains bring warmth, texture and comfort into spaces that hint at relaxation.


At Truform Shade all of our curtains are custom made, guaranteeing the perfect fit to suit your style and budget.

S-fold pleated sheers like these are a great solution for larger areas as they can cover both the window and the walls unifying the room, creating a stylish, featured look.

Sheers are the perfect solution for maintaining privacy while still allowing light through, creating a soft, ambient natural light within your home.

They also offer versatility as they can be layered with other curtains creating a soft modern look like this one that is currently trending.

At Truform Shade we offer the best range of fabrics and applications, making curtains a versatile window dressing option to suit everyones tastes.

Layering curtains not only elevates your windows, but it creates function as sheers soften harsh sunlight and maintain privacy during the day, while blockouts maintain warmth and privacy at night.

So if you want to add softness, warmth, privacy and natural light into your home, contact us today for a free in home consultation, to help you find the perfect fit.

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